Join EGZOTech's mission to transform healthcare!

To truly transform any industry, a great team is necessary. That is why we are always recruiting! If you are truly passionate about innovative technology for healthcare, contact us at! EGZOTech is a well funded, constantly growing startup that is going international! You can see our job listings below that we are actively recruiting for. Apart from standard listing we are always looking for amazing engineers and product evangelists.

What to include?

We want to know all about you during your recruitment process. To make this possible, we would love to get the following documents from you:

  • CV or Resume
  • Cover letter or e-mail explanation why you are a great fit for EGZOTech
  • If You are engineer, send project portfolio with screens, photos or videos

Having trouble with some documents, but still love EGZOTech? Contact us!

Global Job Opportunities

Product Evangelist (Sales Rep) - UK, PL, DE

Physiotherapy education, Sales, Presentation

Global Sales Support Rep (Distributor Support)

English, Sales, Marketing, Physiotherapy (or medical related)

Marketing specialist

Marketing, Sales, Physiotherapy, Facebook, YouTube, Social networks, Brand24

Clinical trials specialist - UK, PL (part time)

Clinical trials (EU/UK/US), physiotherapy, medical devices

R&D positions
(Engineering Office - Gliwice, Poland)

The positions below are cofinanced by the European Union from the Regional Development Fund - Smart Growth under the EU grant "Development of innovative methods of automatic diagnostics and rehabilitation using robots and bioelectric measurements", POIR.01.01.01-00-2077/15. You can read more about EGZOTech's involvement in EU grants here.

Software Engineer - C# [Inżnier oprogramowania - C#]

Requirements and applications here.

.NET, WPF (XAML), WCF, Linq, nUnit, Entity Framework

Software Engineer - Qt

Requirements: QML, Android, iOS, optional: Qt3D/three.js

Game Developer - Unity 3D

Requirements: C#, Visual Studio, Blender, Gimp

Growth Hacker - Web (can work remotely)

Requirements: HTML/JS/CSS, Facebook, Sales automation, A-B testing

DSP Engineer

Requirements: Matlab/Octave, Digital and analog signal filtering and processing, time windows

Ai Engineer

Requirements: Matlab/Octave, DSP, At least one of the following: TensorFlow, Scikit Learn, Google Cloud Machine Learning, Amazon Machine Learning, IBM Watson

Mechanical Engineer

Requirements: Solidworks, Manufacturing technologies, At least 1 designed and manufactured project


Because we believe in personal and professional development above all, our company is build on great people. We take your career seriously and will work to develop your skills to super-human levels. You will also have a real and measurable impact on not only our technology, but human lives through your products! We would like to offer you:

  • A chance to work on cutting edge medical technology
  • Training and education not only in mechanical engineering but working with embedded engineers, designers and integrating software into hardware!
  • A chance to build mechanical engineering and manufacturing from the bottom up in a fast growing and expansive startup!
  • Attractive salary according to your skills
  • Flat management structure - we are all equals on a mission to help humanity
  • We strongly believe in personal development. We work hard, challenge everyone and everything, but once proven, we will do our best to plan your responsibilities and career development
  • We offer subsidized lunches and paid hotel rooms for all-nighters


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