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We want to transform healthcare with robots Join us, and let's make physiotherpay better!

Our Team

You can find our team members below. We are diverse, ranging from engineering (software, hardware, embedded) through biomedical to design, law and humanities.
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Michael Mikulski

Michael Mikulski

Chief Executive Officer

Handles product development, with biomedical and robotics background.

Paweł Soja

Pawel Soja

Chief Technology Officer

Amazing embedded software engineer with extensive knowledge of tech.

Andrzej Ochodek

Andrzej Ochodek

Software Engineer

Awesome .NET software engineer with focus towards machine interfaces.

Magdalena Fedorczyk

Magdalena Fedorczyk

Quality Manager

Excellent and strict QA with constant focus on safety.

Mateusz Rosner

Mateusz Rosner

Embedded Engineer

Amazing embedded designer as well as manufacturing coordinator.

Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina

Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina

Design Lead

One of the best product designers in healthcare and fitness.

Marcin Klis

Marcin Klis

Product Evangelist

Awesome physiotherapist and product guy.

Andrzej Cebulski

Andrzej Cebulski

Assembly Engineer

Superior and super fast assembly engineer.

Malgorzata Jarzabek

Malgorzata Jarzabek

Financial Specialist

Awesome in EU grants and all things finance.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Channel Sales Manager

Great in distributor support and business development.

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Supervisory board and advisors

Paweł Błachno

Pawel Blachno

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Lives and breathes biotech by running JCI and Life Science Park in Poland

Wojciech Burkot

Wojciech Burkot

Board member

Experienced engineering director, XGoogler and physicist

Łukasz Korga

Lukasz Korga

General Council

One of the best lawyers and patent attorneys in tech.


You can find the core values that drive us below. We make all the choices based on those values.

Change the world!

We want our products to change the world! Healthcare needs a transformation and we believe that must come from technology and automation! We are not satisfied with local or regional results. We will not stop until we reach a global impact!

Win or die!

When we face challenges, either deadlines, lack of knowledge, untacled problem - we stand strong and face everything. We always give 120% to achieve our goal. Whether it's competition, long hours, personal problems - we win or die.

Learn constantly!

We always want to know more today than the day before. When we approach any problem, from technical to medical, we want to know how it works from the smallest detail. The same comes to understanding customers. We want to know every pain and address them.

User first

Whether it's the patient, the physiotherapist or the clinic. We value user experience and the real value provided more than anything. Real, measurable effets matter. We address our products to specific people and care about how they will use them.

Technical insight

Whatever we create, we want it to be based on the best knowledge and tools available. We are fascinated by new technologies and love to use them and develop new ones. We believe that best products always incorporate that technical factor in their core.

Be human

We trust others. We love helping out for the sake of helping out. We want to be a spark for change. We aim high and raise together as a team.



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EGZOTech's European Union Grants

EGZOTech is a SME enterprize located in Poland, an EU member state and is actively participating in European Union grants available for Regional Development.
You can learn more about EGZOTech's involvement in EU grants by clicking on the logos below or going to egzotech.com/eugrants.

Selected Awards


  • Social Innovator and Innovators under 35 Poland Award

    Selected as the Social Innovator and one of the TOP Innovators under 35 in Poland.

    • MIT Technology Review
    • Country (Poland)
    • 2015
  • Best Global Business Idea

    Selected as the best global business Idea for Luna EMG in the Think Big UPC Biznes 2015 competition. Awarded also as the most humane project by Sukces Pisany Szminką.

    • UPC Business
    • Sukces Pisany Szminką
    • Country (Poland)
    • 2015
  • #6 Most Creative in Business

    Selected as one of the most creative businesses in Poland!

    • BRIEF.PL
    • Country (Poland)
    • 2015
  • TOP8 Startup Worldwide

    Selected among startups from around the world for Blackbox Connect Summer 2013 - Silicon Valley immersion program.

    • Blackbox.vc
    • Google for Entrepreneurs
    • Worldwide
    • 2013
  • TOP5 Startup Poland

    Selected as one of the 5 TOP startups in Poland for Techweek Chicago 2013.

    • Google for Entrepreneurs Krakow
    • US Embassy Krakow
    • Polish American Chamber of Commerce
    • Poland
    • 2013
  • Best Business Idea

    Slected as the best business idea from Silesian University of Technology.

    • Silesian University of Technology
    • University
    • 2011


  • Best Mechanical Engineering

    For the best mechanically engineered product/prototype for reactive electromyograpy controlled robots and exoskeletons.

    • Polish Mechanical Engineers Association
    • Technical Inspection Office
    • Country (Poland)
    • 2012
  • Polish Product of the Future

    For the most innovative product in the pre-market stage for reactive electromyograpy controlled robots and exoskeletons.

    • Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
    • Country (Poland)
    • 2012
  • Gold Medal and Jury Special Award for Innovation

    Selected as the most innovative technology for upper limb exoskeleton during The World Exhibition on Inventions, Research and New Technologies

    • Brussels Innova
    • Worldwide
    • 2011
  • Bronze Medal for Innovation

    Selected as one of the most innovative technologis for upper limb exoskeleton during The Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies

    • Brussels Innova
    • Worldwide
    • 2011
  • Academic Master of Innovation

    For the most innovative project emerging from universities in Poland.

    • Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
    • Country (Poland)
    • 2011

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