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We have created Luna, to take care of your orthopedic and neurological patients!
Find out what exercises can Luna perform automatically.

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Meet Luna

Luna is a rehabilitation robot for orthopedic and neurological patients.
She can perform force or EMG driven exercises with the patient, entertain with games and perform complex diagnostic tests.
Luna is the robot for you!

Rehabilitation programs
Diagnostic tests
Bioelectric channels


You can find the main features Luna has below.

Dynamic Resistance

Thanks to force-feedback, Luna can dynamically change the resistance during training, allowing for isokinetic, isotonic and isometric exercises. In addition, with automatic weight compensation, Luna can detect as little as 0.2Nm!

Reactive Electromyography

Thanks to 6-channel bioelectric amplifier, Luna can use electromyography as a reactive signal for exercises! Now patients with muscle atrophy (DMD, SMA, Stroke etc.) can exercise even when no force is present ("1" in Lovette's scale)

Objective Diagnostics

With position, force and bioelectric feedback, Luna can be used to automatically test your patients! From diagnostic electromyography, stasticity tests (Ashworth, Tardieu), passive and active range of motion tests, force tests and MORE!


You can choose between isolated and dynamic extensions for single joint training, or use functional extensions to apply Luna's functionality to real life situations with specific functional training of multiple joints!

Ultra Fast and Easy to Use

You can switch between extensions in under 10 seconds, and with patient manager, you can set up a whole training in just 3 clicks! It's super easy and intuitive!

Device Dashboard

With Luna's clound integration with Device Dashboard, you can monitor the performance of your patients and physiotherapists! You will also get suggestions from your evangelists on how to improve your training sessions!



Get to know Luna better through our product videos. Soon, you will be able to learn about different exercises, extensions, training methods and more! We will be posting tutorial videos to our channel.


Find out how your patients can work with Luna!
Use isolated extensions for single join training, functional extensions for multi-join movement, and static extensions for isolating selected joints in place.
The pictures below should give you an idea how versatile Luna actually is.

Work 1
Shoulder adduction/abduction Dynamic and neurological
Work 1
Elbow flexion/extension Dynamic and neurological
Work 1
Knee flexion/extension Dynamic and neurological
Work 1
Steering wheel Functional
Work 1
Elbow pronation/supination Dynamic
Work 1
Extension Pack We will be unveiling more extensions soon.

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More information about Luna

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Luna's demo is completely free!

With so many conditions, diseases and injuries kinesiotherapy is used for, it's really hard to list all. Try a broaded approach. If your patient needs: increased muscle strength, increased limb range of motion, or better coordination - Luna is the way to go.

  • Do not use Luna in case the patient doesn’t accept working with robots and/or Luna,
  • Do not use Luna in case the patient has dementia or lack cooperation,
  • Nonunion of bone fracture and instability,
  • Active inflammation of the treated tissue,
  • Bone fragility,
  • Advanced osteoporosis (relative contraindication),
  • High spasticity (relative contraindication).

For patients with relative contraindications, it’s possible to use Luna with successful results, but having the parameters
(maximal torque, maximal speed) set for the specific needs of that patient. Take extra caution working with relative contraindications.

Depending on the region, we have different payment options available. That includes purchases, leases, rentals and is very region dependent. Please contact our offices or your evangelist for support. Luna's break-even point is usually below 1 year with about 80 hours of trainings a month.
At specific regions we have amazing early-adopter programs, so please contact us!

Luna has amazing automatic therapy programs, and in some cases, e.g. reactive electromyography exercises, can provide trainings impossible to perform by a physiotherapist. Having that in mind, Luna is meant for physiotherapists! Luna allows you to provide better quality of the care and is designed to allow an experienced physiotherapist to help more patients. Nevertheless Luna can't and never was intended to replace an experienced physiotherapist. At EGZOTech we belive in therapist-patient connection and think of Luna as an amazing addition for advanced physiotherapy!

Quality of care! We've designed Luna equally: first: for the patients, second: for the therapists and third: for the clinic.
If you weren't interested in better helping your patients, you wouldn't be reading this FAQs, are we right? Almost all of the experienced therapists we meet, would like to better help their patients. That's the main purpose of Luna! With precise force sensing, acurate electromyography and on-the-go range of motion you will be able to better help any patient. With neurological programs your previously difficult to treat patients can easily work with Luna! Having problems with keeping kids in rehab? Use games to better keep their focus, while still they do their training!
Best physiotherapist we know want to have a wider impact on society. Luna allows that! Use Luna as your physiotherapy assistant! Let her handle repeatable tasks and diagnostics of one patient, while you work with another one! You can address more patients in that way, and help more people!

For large clinics contact our evanglists for premium multi-robot solutions. With easily exchangable extensions, repeatable trainings and patient management, a single physiotherapist can work with up to four patients at the same time. Keep in mind however, that we discurage going above that number. We believe in quality of care above all else, so we advise not to go above a configuration of 1:4 therapist-patients.

Reactive electromyography exercises need at least a score of "1" - one in the Lovette's scale (detectable through EMG muscle contractions). For patients with complete denervation passive movement is a possibility.

Luna was designed for YOU! Let us show you how she can help you!

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